Five Reasons Why Wholesome Meats Bundles are the Best Dinner Option

Take the guesswork out of weeknight dinners and restock your refrigerator with our new Wholesome Meats bundles. Our bundles are curated to give you a variety of versatile cuts and ground beef perfect for weeknight meals or a grilling extravaganza.

  • Simple and Easy to Order
    • All of our bundles are available for one-time purchase or if you’re like us and forget things from time to time, we have a flexible subscription model. Did we also mention that you’ll save 10% with each bundle purchase? Sounds like a win/win to us!
  • Perfectly curated for any occasion
    • We know there’s a lot on your plate, so let us handle meal prepping this week. Whether you’re out of ideas for dinner, or looking for the perfect protein for the grill, our bundle have the perfect selection of cuts and ground beef for any occasion. 
  • Flavorful and nutrient-rich
    • Nothing beats the rich and flavorful goodness of our grass-fed beef. That’s because we raise our cattle with regenerative practices and feed them grass throughout their whole lives, which makes them a vitamin-rich protein. You’ll find L-Carnatine, Glutathione, amino acids, and many other nutrients in all of our beef products.
  • Raised responsibly, with respect for the animal and our planet

    • When we say we take great care of our animals, we mean it. Our cows graze on lush and thick grass, live on open pastures, and will never be crammed together in awful feed lots. 

Don’t forget to subscribe and save, because we all love a good deal. Take 10% off your first order AND register for a chance to win a free bundle!

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