Regenerative Agriculture: Who’s Who?

So you’ve gotten into regenerative agriculture. You’ve read some articles, watched some videos (if not, check this out), and you hopefully you’re now thinking, “this is kind of cool!” I felt the same way about two years ago when I first heard this weird term. After doing some research, reading, watching, learning, I still felt something missing. I wanted to get, for lack of a word, personal, with regenerative agriculture. At that time, I didn’t have the ability to actually get out on the ranch and get my hands into the soil (office job life), so I jumped to the next best thing, social media. What better way to get personal with something than by seeing the daily lives of the people that live it! We follow with athletes, musicians, brands, so I thought, why not some Regenerative Rockstars! 

I started diving into the social media universe of regenerative agriculture, and have learned immense amounts, have connected with amazing people, and have grown my love for regenerative agriculture more than I ever thought possible. And if you’re here now, hopefully you’re in the market for something similar.

Here are some of the people and accounts that helped me immerse myself. 

First is Diana Rogers, from The Sustainable Dish.

She’s on all the socials @sustainabledish, and she maintains a regular blog, a podcast, and is working on a feature film that should shake up the food world in the near future here. I’ve learned so much from her podcast, and one of my favorites is this one with Sam Garwin, a vegetarian turned professional butcher and meat consultant, where they chat about regen ag, the problem with big food industry, and building a better supply chain. Check her for awesome info, including recipes, shopping lists, and deep dives into regen ag content. 

Next up is Travis Krause, with Parker Creek Ranch.

Family owned and operated since 1846, Parker Creek Ranch is a working ranch located 50 miles west of San Antonio. They are committed to regenerative agriculture production and creating healthy habitats for livestock, wildlife, and people. Travis actually works with us as our Ranching Liaison, and has been hugely helpful in helping us build a truly regenerative business. Travis maintains an awesome blog, The Pastoralist, and a great instagram. Follow Travis and Parker Creek Ranch to get a true inside look into what it means to be a regenerative rancher. 

Finally, one of my favorites, Joel Salatin at The Lunatic Farmer.

Joel brings a unique eclecticism to the food/farm discussion, and will keep you constantly informed, as well as entertained. He is “in love with the land, dubious of government, and is a quintessential entrepreneur but distrustful of anything that diminishes the commons.”  The idea behind this blog is to offer snippets of goings-on and just enough commentary to connect the dots. His Instagram, Polyface Farm, provides another great on the ground, in the soil, look at the day to day living on a regenerative farm. 

These 3 resources were hugely influential in helping me build out a following of people (dare I say, influencers) in the RegenAg space, and helped my love for producing good, healthy food flourish. Check these 3 out, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re in the market for some more people to follow. Thank you!