healthy and delicious meat that's good for your family and good for the earth!

Our Mission

Wholesome Meats is a San Antonio-based beef brand dedicated to accelerating the consumer adoption of regenerative agriculture. Offering the most flavorful and nourishing premium ground beef, Wholesome Meats simultaneously heals the planet through regenerative grazing practices. These practices rebuild rich topsoil by capturing harmful carbon from the atmosphere, producing a carbon-negative product that is as good for the land as it is for the rancher, cattle, and consumer.

About Us

We’re on a mission to deliver top-quality, responsibly sourced meat that is better for the planet and accessible by everyone. We are committed to properly caring for our people, our animals, and our planet in an effort to inspire environmental change.

Our Vision

Wholesome Meats was born from a vision to change the landscape of the traditional industrial food system. Knowing that there must be a better way to sustainably source beef, they began searching for like-minded thinkers who have adopted regenerative farming practices for their cattle. Today, Wholesome Meats has RANCHING partners from coast to coast, offering the highest quality grassfed and finished beef and steaks to customers across the country.


Pride in Our Product


Healthy soils build and protect grass. In fact, the earth’s grasslands capture more carbon than all of the earth’s forests combined.


Our cattle are rotated regularly, living on fresh paddocks of vitamin-rich grass, nothing else.


We never use chemicals or herbicides in our pastures or with our cattle. Our premium beef is raised as nature intended and full of nutrients.