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The Skinny on Grass-Fed Beef Fat

The Skinny on Grass-Fed Beef Fat Benefits We all know the old saying “you are what you eat”, well that saying applies to the food that your food eats. A cow’s diet has a major impact on the quality and nutritional value of beef, specifically the fatty acid composition. Here’s how grass-fed beef fatty acid […]

Five Reasons Why Wholesome Meats Bundles are the Best Dinner Option

Take the guesswork out of weeknight dinners and restock your refrigerator with our new Wholesome Meats bundles. Our bundles are curated to give you a variety of versatile cuts and ground beef perfect for weeknight meals or a grilling extravaganza. Simple and Easy to Order All of our bundles are available for one-time purchase or […]

Stay Calm, It’s Happening! Wholesome Meats is Now Available in HEB

The Brand Texas Calls Home We are proud to announce that Wholesome Meats has joined together with beloved San Antonio-based retailer H-E-B to bring regeneratively raised grass-fed beef to a large mainstream retailer for the first time. At Wholesome Meats, we utilize a network of small, independent ranchers who adhere to strict regenerative ranching protocols. […]

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