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Controlled burns: fighting fire with fire

Policy: Wildfires are not a new occurrence but in many regions of the country, they have grown larger, more frequent, longer-lasting, and more destructive. Over the last decade, the US has experienced an average of 62,692 wildfires across 7.5 million acres annually. And in 2020, over 58,250 wildfires burned across 10.3 million acres; nearly 40 […]

Is Silvopasture the Silver Bullet to Our Climate Crisis?

Policy: In last week’s newsletter, we unpacked agroforestry’s ability to reduce emissions, improve land productivity, and increase farmer profitability. It is important to note that integrating trees with farmland can be even more impactful when used in tandem with grazing. This combination, otherwise known as silvopasture, can be achieved by planting trees into a conventional […]

Perennial crops: Attacking the roots of erosion

Progress: Modern agriculture relies on annual plants – e.g., corn, wheat, and most other grains – that complete their life cycles in a single season. Annual seeds must be replanted every year, forcing farmers to kill the weeds (chemically or mechanically) that compete with plants for sunlight, nutrients, and water, especially when the crops are […]

The proof is in the soil

Health: COVID-19 has brought health conditions front and center. As scientists rush to develop vaccines, doctors are left to find alternative ways of keeping patients safe. In the eyes of Rupa Marya, MD, “there is a profound connection between soil health and human health – and it’s all in the gut.” After marrying a regenerative […]

How Regenerative Agriculture Can Save the Soil

I know these seem like scary times, and they are! Especially in the food space! Since the dawn of farming, most agricultural soils have lost from 30% to 75% of their original soil organic carbon (source). While that can be a frightening statistic, I am glad to see, there is hope to save us: Regenerative […]

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