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Regenerative Agriculture

The Future of Food Is Regenerative

Health: In the midst of the pandemic, the industrial meat and poultry processing industry, where hundreds of essential workers stand shoulder to shoulder in enclosed spaces, has collapsed into disarray. Large-scale meat processors – including Cargill, Smithfield, and Tyson – have watched their highly concentrated supply chains collapse. As of September 18th, among 419 U.S. […]

Bye Ingredients List!

Say bye bye to long ingredients lists, say to hello Regenerative Beef! Our world is changing. Information has never been easier to access. And these changes are affecting the way consumers make decisions. Thankfully, the food industry is one of the leading industries that finds itself under the microscope. According to Samantha Abrams, Co-founder of […]

A Step Beyond Organic?

There’s no question that when it comes to food labels, we, as consumers, are completely overwhelmed. From my opinion, there are so many that they feel fake, or misleading (and honestly, most of them are). Natural?? What does that actually mean? Throughout this complete inundation of food labels, the USDA organic certification has appeared to […]

The Problem with Fake Meat – Part 2

In last week’s blog post, we looked at the rise of fake “meat,” and the claims that these types of meat substitutes are actually healthier for you than real meat. We saw that the fake “meats” are created from a concoction of processed ingredients, leading towards a big question mark on the health front. A […]

The Problem With Fake Meat – Part 1

We see it everywhere: fake meat! The answer to the world’s problems! No more cows, come join us, eat this fake stuff, it’s good for you and good for the planet!! While that sounds tempting, if I’ve learned anything in life, going all the way back to life as a young lad it’s that if […]

Regenerative Agriculture: Who’s Who?

So you’ve gotten into regenerative agriculture. You’ve read some articles, watched some videos (if not, check this out), and you hopefully you’re now thinking, “this is kind of cool!” I felt the same way about two years ago when I first heard this weird term. After doing some research, reading, watching, learning, I still felt […]

Why Should You Care About Regenerative Agriculture?

Hopefully, regenerative agriculture is a term you’ve seen thrown around lately. And you might be thinking why should I care about it? Well, before we dive deep at all, let’s clear a few things up.  Regenerative agriculture produces REAL beef. It has no relationship with chemicals or laboratories or soy or beakers or lab coats […]

How Regenerative Agriculture Can Save the Soil

I know these seem like scary times, and they are! Especially in the food space! Since the dawn of farming, most agricultural soils have lost from 30% to 75% of their original soil organic carbon (source). While that can be a frightening statistic, I am glad to see, there is hope to save us: Regenerative […]

What is Rotational Grazing?

What is Rotational Grazing for Cattle? Rotational grazing is a technique that falls under the “regenerative agriculture” umbrella, meaning, it leads to the regeneration of the soil. Rotational Grazing means moving or rotating livestock to different pastures, or paddocks, every set number of days. Large pastures are sectioned off into smaller paddocks to allow a […]

The Truth About Conventional Agriculture

Cows in field

3 Reasons We Need to Switch from Conventional, or Industrial Meat, to Regenerative Pictures Speak a thousand words.  Feed lot on top, with the enormous grain field (full of fertilizers, monocropping killing the soil, leading to run off). No soil or grass anywhere to be seen Vs Rotational Grazing   An estimated 97% of the cattle […]

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