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Regenerative Agriculture

Nitrous Oxide: The new pollutant in town

Health: When decoupling the roots of our global climate crisis, carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane emissions garner the majority of mainstream media attention. But those are not the only pollutants that pose intractable problems for our planet. For years, scientists have warned about the risks associated with one greenhouse gas (GHG) in particular – nitrous […]

A bad gate-keeper: Gates’ overly simplistic view of meat

Health: In a recent interview with the MIT Technology Review, Bill Gates struck a chord when he asserted that all “rich countries” should enact legislation requiring citizens to convert to eating “100% synthetic beef” to combat climate change. Ironically, Microsoft, the company Gates himself co-founded, recently purchased more than 40,000 tonnes of sequestered soil carbon […]

Second servings: What Tom Vilsack’s return means for the USDA

Policy: Back in November we covered the Biden Administration’s $2 trillion climate plan that calls for the conservation of 30 percent of the US lands and water by 2030, in addition to a carbon-free electric grid by 2035. Biden campaigned on a plan for rural America that recognized the important role that agriculture must play […]

Is regenerative agriculture becoming Big Food’s new cash cow?

How Big Food is Moving to Regenerative Agriculture Progress: It is no secret that our centralized food system grants a large amount of influence to a small number of packaged food corporations like Mars and Nestle. These manufacturing giants make daily decisions about where to source ingredients, which not only determine what large, medium, and […]

Regenerative Agriculture Standards: To Certify or Not to Certify?

Policy: It is hard to walk down a grocery aisle without noticing labels like Non-GMO, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Organic, Certified Transitional, Whole30, Certified Humane, and 100% Grass-Fed plastered on the front of our favorite brands. In last week’s newsletter, we mentioned that many critics view the US Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program (NOP), and […]

Growing Above and Beyond Organic

Farming: In this week’s newsletter, we are addressing the most common question we receive: What is the difference between organic and regenerative farming? Since 2000, the US Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program (NOP) has offered growers the option to have their goods Organic Certified. In doing so, the NOP has paved the way for […]

Fungi: The original social network

Health: For more than 450 million years, mushrooms and fungi have grown beneath our feet – serving as ecological connective tissue. Mycelium – found inside of the greater fungal organism – threads its sprawling root structure through the soil, plant bodies, and along river beds to deliver sustenance to all living species. As a result, […]

Is our culture ready for cultured meat?

Health: The dream of “raising” lab-grown, otherwise known as cultured or slaughter-free meat, through cellular agriculture has existed for decades. In 1931, Winston Churchill predicted the emergence of synthetic meat in an essay he titled “Fifty Years Hence.” But it was not until 2013 when Mark Post, a professor at Maastricht University, unveiled the first […]

Perennial crops: Attacking the roots of erosion

Progress: Modern agriculture relies on annual plants – e.g., corn, wheat, and most other grains – that complete their life cycles in a single season. Annual seeds must be replanted every year, forcing farmers to kill the weeds (chemically or mechanically) that compete with plants for sunlight, nutrients, and water, especially when the crops are […]

Our beef with grain-fed meat

Health: To comprehend why grass-fed meat is superior to grain-fed, we must think back to Michael Pollan’s famous idiom, “you are what you eat eats too.” Grass-fed cattle’s increased nutritional density and better-associated health outcomes stem from the chemical differences between forage and grain – and the complex ways in which livestock metabolize these inputs. […]

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