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Regenerative Agriculture

How Regenerative Agriculture Can Save the Soil

I know these seem like scary times, and they are! Especially in the food space! Since the dawn of farming, most agricultural soils have lost from 30% to 75% of their original soil organic carbon (source). While that can be a frightening statistic, I am glad to see, there is hope to save us: Regenerative […]

What is Rotational Grazing?

Rotating Cattle? Rotational grazing is a technique that falls under the “regenerative agriculture” umbrella, meaning, it leads to the regeneration of the soil. Rotational Grazing means moving, or rotating, livestock to different pastures, or paddocks, every set number of days. Large pastures are sectioned off into smaller paddocks to allow a rancher to control where […]

Nitrous Oxide: The new pollutant in town

Health: When decoupling the roots of our global climate crisis, carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane emissions garner the majority of mainstream media attention. But those are not the only pollutants that pose intractable problems for our planet. For years, scientists have warned about the risks associated with one greenhouse gas (GHG) in particular – nitrous […]

Second servings: What Tom Vilsack’s return means for the USDA

Policy: Back in November we covered the Biden Administration’s $2 trillion climate plan that calls for the conservation of 30 percent of the US lands and water by 2030, in addition to a carbon-free electric grid by 2035. Biden campaigned on a plan for rural America that recognized the important role that agriculture must play […]

Is regenerative agriculture becoming Big Food’s new cash cow?

Progress: It is no secret that our centralized food system grants a large amount of influence to a small number of packaged food corporations like Mars and Nestle. These manufacturing giants make daily decisions about where to source ingredients, which not only determine what large, medium, and small farms across the globe plant but also […]

To Certify or Not to Certify

Policy: It is hard to walk down a grocery aisle without noticing labels like Non-GMO, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Organic, Certified Transitional, Whole30, Certified Humane, and 100% Grass-Fed plastered on the front of our favorite brands. In last week’s newsletter, we mentioned that many critics view the US Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program (NOP), and […]

Perennial crops: Attacking the roots of erosion

Progress: Modern agriculture relies on annual plants – e.g., corn, wheat, and most other grains – that complete their life cycles in a single season. Annual seeds must be replanted every year, forcing farmers to kill the weeds (chemically or mechanically) that compete with plants for sunlight, nutrients, and water, especially when the crops are […]

Bye Ingredients List!

Say bye bye to long ingredients lists, say to hello Regenerative Beef! Our world is changing. Information has never been easier to access. And these changes are affecting the way consumers make decisions. Thankfully, the food industry is one of the leading industries that finds itself under the microscope. According to Samantha Abrams, Co-founder of […]

A Step Beyond Organic?

There’s no question that when it comes to food labels, we, as consumers, are completely overwhelmed. From my opinion, there are so many that they feel fake, or misleading (and honestly, most of them are). Natural?? What does that actually mean? Throughout this complete inundation of food labels, the USDA organic certification has appeared to […]

The Problem with Fake Meat – Part 2

In last week’s blog post, we looked at the rise of fake “meat,” and the claims that these types of meat substitutes are actually healthier for you than real meat. We saw that the fake “meats” are created from a concoction of processed ingredients, leading towards a big question mark on the health front. A […]

The Problem With Fake Meat – Part 1

We see it everywhere: fake meat! The answer to the world’s problems! No more cows, come join us, eat this fake stuff, it’s good for you and good for the planet!! While that sounds tempting, if I’ve learned anything in life, going all the way back to life as a young lad it’s that if […]

Regenerative Agriculture: Who’s Who?

So you’ve gotten into regenerative agriculture. You’ve read some articles, watched some videos (if not, check this out), and you hopefully you’re now thinking, “this is kind of cool!” I felt the same way about two years ago when I first heard this weird term. After doing some research, reading, watching, learning, I still felt […]

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