What is Carbon Ranching?

Carbon ranching, like carbon farming, is an agricultural method that results in carbon gains exceeding carbon losses. This is done by implementing practices that improve the rate at which excess CO2 is taken from the atmosphere and stored in the soil, aiding healthy growth of plants, and helping the environment.

Let’s talk about what specific ranching methods are involved, the environmental and nutritional benefits, as well as where to buy beef from carbon ranchers.

What are common carbon ranching practices?

Carbon ranchers raise and graze cattle using regenerative agriculture practices that are helpful for the environment, including:

  • Rotational grazing
  • Minimizing soil disturbance
  • Keeping soil covered
  • Maintaining roots year round

What are the environmental perks of carbon ranching?

As you might know, most big food companies don’t treat land with the respect it deserves and requires to flourish. With the widespread adoption of industrial agricultural practices such as synthetic nitrogen fertilization, intensive tillage and monocropping, the depletion of soil carbon has accelerated.

The carbon that is lost from the soil goes into the atmosphere where it becomes a greenhouse gas and contributes to climate change.

Using carbon ranching practices, we can heal the environment, and it all starts with the soil.

Some of the main benefits are:

  • Rebalancing ecosystems for insects like bees
  • Fighting climate change by pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere
  • Helps fight damaging effects of extreme weather
  • Fosters clean bodies of water
  • Reverses environmental damage to the atmosphere and restores soil

What are the nutritional perks of carbon ranching?

At Wholesome Meats, all of our beef is grass-fed on nutrient-rich soil. By using regenerative principles, the nutrients in the grass that are consumed by the cattle provide beef that is filled with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Here is more information on the nutritional benefits of grass-fed beef.

Where can I buy beef from carbon ranchers?

All of our beef comes from carbon ranchers. We have a variety of different grass-fed beef cuts for you to choose from, including:

Shop grass-fed beef from carbon ranchers here.

Also available at these physical locations.

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