Bye Ingredients List!

Say bye bye to long ingredients lists, say to hello Regenerative Beef!

Our world is changing. Information has never been easier to access. And these changes are affecting the way consumers make decisions. Thankfully, the food industry is one of the leading industries that finds itself under the microscope.

According to Samantha Abrams, Co-founder of Emmy Organics, “the biggest trend driving change in the food and beverage industry right now is TRANSPARENCY.

Consumers want to know and understand what ingredients are going into their products.

Which is why we are seeing so many innovative products with shorter ingredient lists that you can pronounce.”

While this has to be a thorn in the side of big food corporations, this movement is a blessing for consumers, as humans with a desire to be healthy, and honestly, for us here at Wholesome Meats. 

Wholesome Meats was born from one question: “What on earth are we actually putting into our bodies when we eat?”

This led to a host of learning and discovery and eventually led us to the planet’s saving grace: regenerative agriculture. We’ve touched on what that means in previous blog posts, but it basically entails raising animals the way nature intended. No chemicals, no hormones, no antibiotics, no feedlots, no long ingredients list. Just cows, grass, sun, water, and soil. In our ingredients list, you’ll see one word: beef.

We strove to create a product that we wanted to eat ourselves, that we could trust to feed to our families, and that didn’t reap Mother Earth of her natural resources.

We were able to find all of this with regenerative agriculture, and with Wholesome Meats. Not to say that this has been easy, in fact, it has been a massive challenge. Our world is just not set up for real, healthy, wholesome food. According to Molly Hemmeter, President and CEO of Landec Corporation, “to deliver foods that are fresh and contain only natural ingredients – the supply chain infrastructure throughout our country will need to be re-structured to manage fresh or short shelf-life foods that do not contain artificial preservatives or ingredients. This is an extremely large task.”

And Molly is right. This is an extremely large task. But it is a task we are willing to take, because we believe in this product, we believe in Regenerative Agriculture, and we believe in putting good, healthy food into our bodies. So thank you for your vote of confidence, none of this would be possible without you.