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Healthy grass builds and protects soils. In fact, the earth’s grasslands capture more carbon than all of the earth’s forests combined.

Soil is the Secret


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*The above authors, quotes and images refer to Regenerative Agriculture and have been featured in publications and are not meant as endorsements of Wholesome Meats.

“Most people think they need to become vegan if they want to eat a climate-supportive diet. Yes, we should all avoid feedlot beef for its health, climate, and environmental impacts. But regeneratively raised beef actually improves carbon sequestration through natural grazing practices.”

Dr. Mark Hyman

Author of "The Food Fix"

”Industrial agriculture is one of the top four things for which future generations will condemn us.”

Kwame Anthony Appiah

Professor at Princeton University

“Properly managed grazing, if applied on 25% of our crop and grasslands, would mitigate the entire carbon footprint of North American agriculture.”

Teague & Rowntree

Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 2016

“Since the dawn of farming, most agricultural soils have lost from 30 to 75% of their original soil organic carbon.”

Mark Smallwood

Rodale Institute

“It’s not the cow, it’s the how.”

Tom Newmark

Proprietor at Finca Luna Nueva Lodge

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